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Okay, so I haven’t quite reached the 2000 mark yet, but it’s close enough I feel I really should finally get around to making a follow forever! Tons of people make them way earlier than I have so I feel relatively late with it, haha.

I’ve honestly felt apprehensive about making a follow forever for many reasons. If I forget someone, or if I order things wrong, or point anyone out specifically above someone else, feelings could get hurt. That’s the last thing I want to do, and yet I still want to point out those who inspire me and have been a good part of my experience here.

So, I’m going to keep it simple, no need to get special or make this complicated. I hope those who mean the world to me already know that and won’t be offended if they aren’t put above others on this list. I’m also going to make sure this is in alphabetical order, because I know when some people appear on a follow forever before me and their name would be after mine in the alphabet, I can feel less liked. I don’t want anyone to go through that feeling because it’s absolutely awful. Also, forgive me if you have multiple blogs and I do not list them all.

So, without further ado, these are the people I plan to follow forever (and if I don’t follow them due to self-conscious reasons, then stalk from afar forever).


agentstarbuck almost-incomprehensible amyigotmyboyspond areyoumarriedriver ariverrunsthroughtime arkytiorforeman aroseisjustassweet bowtied cameintothisworldonaleaf captjackharknesstw corruptedpetals cynicaldoctorharper damecooper dawnrorasdiary dear-indies decayingtimelord diaryofatimehead doctoroverlord doctorwho doggeddoggett donna-nobis-pacem doublethemystery drenchedinxblood


etcanis euclase fish-fingers-and-gingers flirtatiouscaptainharkness fobwatchedcenturion fuckingrory guardianofthelibrary herestothedrums himintheflesh iam-theinterfector idlegossipandarchaeology imliterallytoocoolforschool immortalsoldierfollowsorders impossiblesass impossibleupgrade imstevenmoffat isoutthere itsthebuttononthetop iwillcutyouintopieces jxnnyflint lancashiresass


majesticmattsmith malheurx malumnavis mattsmithissexy mattsmithphotos miss-pond missingaheart modifiedhead mysteryandmadness mysteryinatightskirt notes-from-molly notmuchofasoldier notthetindog peachfuzzmuses perditxs quimedicus raggedy-smith reddressbraveheart reignxoftherani romanaofheartshaven


savedtheworld shatteredcrisis shewhowalkedtheearth sliverofice-inhisheart songintheasylum starcrossedpsychopath startedatheend storminmywake talk-to-tennant the-double-heart-network the-man-above the-tenth-will-see-you-now theburntsouffle theclevernightmareinsilver thedoctorsthief thegoddessofcupcakes thehackerwhocan theleafwasmymums thelonelytimetraveller thenotsosilentmonk theshadowofgallifrey theuniverseismystage thevalianceofashopgirl timelordxforgotten timewarforgednine wearethesupremebeings xcenturion xchess xconqueror xmelodiam yesscarfgirl

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endless list of favorite celebrities: Billie Piper.



"Yes! It’s called a fez, you know."

      That’s not what I meant.
      But maybe you should
      get rid of that too…

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On a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you think I understand the character I roleplay?

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       Wait, so what you’re saying is
       that if someone pressed that button,
       the world would either be cured,
       or blown to bits?

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        You’ve got something
        in your hair, mate.